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Start planning with Visions Wealth Management to help grow your safety net and enjoy life on your terms after retirement. Whether you plan to fully retire from employment or continue to work past Social Security retirement age, you want to plan for changes in income sources and how it will affect your nest egg, including taxes.

Unfortunately, worrying about money among retirees is a common issue. We work with you to determine what you need to retire comfortably. 

Consider choices to help create financial independence during your retirement while enjoying your desired standard of living today. To know what funds are needed, we need to anticipate what retirement looks like – is it traveling the world, gardening in your backyard, working part-time? Consideration needs to be given to what your housing will be – vacation home, snowbirds, senior living center? How will you manage health care expenses?

In partnership with LPL Financial, we bring you access to expert advice, education, and cutting-edge tools for comprehensive retirement planning. LPL is a platform that provides individuals with convenient and specialized retirement solutions.